Your Clients’ Retirement — More Than Just Money!

William and Sharon were driving home from a meeting with Alan, their financial advisor to talk about their retirement plans. William had decided that he would leave his work next year and Sharon would continue to work for another couple of years. The couple had been diligently saving for “the big day” when they could consider themselves fully retired and now they had actual dates in mind.
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Do You Offer What Retirees and Pre-Retirees Are Looking for?

Mark and Wanda Taylor, a couple on the verge of retirement, have decided to fire their financial advisor. “We are not really sure about how to plan for retirement,” Wanda told us at a recent workshop. “What we are most uncomfortable with is that we aren’t convinced that our advisor understands how to plan for retirement either!”
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There is Always a Reason to Sell…Unless You Want to Achieve Your Goals

blog_360_williamThis article is featured in the fall edition of our 360 Insights Quarterly Client Newsletter.
The problem with good advice is that it tends to be boring, especially when it comes to your portfolio.
This is a good thing.
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Highlights from our National Education Conference

At Loring Ward’s recent National Education Conference in San Diego, more than 150 financial advisors gathered to learn new ideas from industry experts and from one another. Here is just a sample of what they heard:
“We are honored that you have decided to entrust so many of your clients’ savings to us…and the hopes and dreams these savings represent. Helping clients with the challenges and opportunities of aging and navigating retirement is becoming increasingly important. This is personal for all of us. We want to help you help your clients, but we all have parents and grandparents who need help and guidance throughout retirement.”
Alex Potts, President and CEO, Loring Ward
“If you specialize in retirement, does it say that on your website? Could I go on your website and get links to Medicare, AARP and other resources to help with retirement? If you are a retirement advisor, you should be the source of information — and not just financial information — for your clients.”
Barry LaValley, president, Retirement Lifestyle Center
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