Building Stronger Relationships via Your Digital Ecosystem

Two big revolutions have occurred in marketing in recent years:

  1. Marketing has moved from being an art to becoming a science, with an ever-increasing ability to pinpoint the effectiveness (or failure) of marketing campaigns and initiatives.

  3. There has been a broad move away from product to experience as the key differentiator. As McKinsey Quarterly noted in 2011, “Customers no longer separate marketing from the product — it is the product….In the era of engagement, marketing is the company.”

At Loring Ward’s National Education Conference at the end of September, we will look at what these two revolutions mean for financial advisors and how they establish and nurture client relationships across the digital spectrum, from websites to social media to CRM systems. Some digital ecosystem best practices to keep in mind: Continue reading

Set Up Your Space for Success

I’ve had the great pleasure of visiting hundreds of advisors’ offices over the years. While I’ve certainly seen a distinctive shift to a warmer, less formal feel, many recently redecorated spaces are not always friendly for clients in mid to late retirement.
Why does this matter? Your office is an important part of your brand and your client experience. Unlike many younger clients, older clients tend to prefer visiting with you in person. And there is a great deal you can do to make their visits convenient and enjoyable. Continue reading

5 Questions to Help Qualify a Prospect

This blog is an excerpt from our 360 Discovery Advisor Guide. For more information about 360 Discovery contact your Loring Ward Regional Team
The 360 Discovery approach is comprehensive and intended to be an investment in the relationship. Because of the time commitment, it is best suited for use with engaged clients who have essentially hired you as their advisor.
But there are certain areas of 360 Discovery that can be used in the prospect conversation to determine a mutual “fit” — for you and your prospective client.
These five questions can help you pre-qualify a prospective client: Continue reading

Growing Your Business: Clarity on What Truly Matters

Blog_ClarityWe’ve often said that the role of an advisor is to offer clarity, insight and partnership to their clients. As your business partner, Loring Ward strives to provide those three things to you as well. You’re likely bombarded by a deluge of emails on the topic of practice management, and Google could yield over 3,700,000 links. So what really matters? Where should you focus your efforts in building and managing your business? Continue reading