Re-Discovering 360 Discovery

Most advisors have similar goals: to grow their businesses and attract new qualified clients, all while delivering a better client experience. I remember when I was an advisor one of my biggest challenges was differentiating myself from the herd (this area is also consistently cited in Benchmarking studies as a top challenge). What did I have to offer a client that was so different — and better — than the other advisor down the road?
One way advisors can stand out is by using an effective Discovery process. Continue reading

Say What? 5 Things Every Advisor Needs to Know About Communication

The financial services industry is suffering from a reputation crisis. There have been so many stories of advisors who gave bad advice or who did not act in the client’s best interest that investors are wary. So even though the negative press has nothing to do with you and how you treat your clients, those who come to you are skeptical. The only way to overcome that skepticism is through trust. Continue reading

Becoming More Persuasive #4—Liking

Note: This is the fourth in an occasional series on language, tools and techniques that can help you become more persuasive–a vital skill for making sure more investors are receptive to the advice and guidance they need.

We all want to be liked. And when we like someone, when we feel a connection, we are much more likely to listen to—and agree with—what that person says. Which is why liking is such a powerful force for persuasion. Continue reading