Becoming More Persuasive #1 — Freedom


Note: This is the first of an occasional series on language, tools and techniques that can help you become more persuasive — a vital skill for making sure more investors are receptive to the advice and guidance they need.
Of the many ways you can become more persuasive, perhaps the simplest, easiest-to-implement way is what is often called the “But You Are Free” method. A meta study of 42 separate psychology studies involving 22,000 people found that this one method can double your chances of getting to “yes.”1 Continue reading

Are You Equipped to Survive the Next Bear Market?

Dice rolling over stock listings

The US Army has long issued field manuals for surviving a variety of dire scenarios — tips and tricks on how to make it out of unexpected situations. The key to the concept of a field manual is that people need to be aware of the information – in advance.
At Loring Ward, we feel that the benefits of a survival guide can apply to the financial world. Continue reading

Are Your Clients Getting the Odds of the House or the Gambler?

Dice rolling over stock listings

One of the things I enjoy most about working with advisors is helping them find ways to clearly communicate their value to clients and prospects. Many investors are skeptical and disillusioned by the deception and fraud they see on Wall Street.
You want to make sure clients and prospects understand that you cannot control the outcomes of the market; however, what you can do is put the odds of long-term investment success in their favor. The goal is to give them the highest probability of success. Continue reading

Pet Smart—Why You Should Be More Dogged About Cataloguing Client Interests

Cat 1Like many middle-aged empty nesters, my wife and I are passionate about our much beloved and terribly spoiled pets.
Our friends know they have to at least pretend to be interested when we share cute cat stories (gentle readers, I will spare you the details).
Yet no professional in my life, including financial professionals, has ever asked me a single question about my pets – or even if I have them. Continue reading