Becoming More Persuasive #2 — Reciprocity

Note: This is the second in an occasional series on language, tools and techniques that can help you become more persuasive–a vital skill for making sure more investors are receptive to the advice and guidance they need. The previous blog focused on a simple way to double your chances of “yes:” Becoming More Persuasive #1 — Freedom.
You are at the end of a nice meal at your favorite restaurant. The waiter approaches with the bill…
What she does next will have a major impact on the tip you leave behind.
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Online Dating Lessons

The premise of online dating is to make it easy for two people with similar interests to find the perfect match in the digital world. It sounds so simple, but what increases the likelihood of making a match? First, it’s about knowing each other’s interests and ideal attributes. Secondly, it’s about being “heard” above all of the other candidates. Finally, it’s about making a good first impression. Continue reading

Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There!

You’re in a hurry to get somewhere, but you’re stuck in traffic on a crowded freeway. It seems like the lane you’re in just isn’t moving. But the cars in the next lane keep passing you. You’re too smart to just sit there, so you change lanes…only to find that now the lane you were just in is moving and you’re stuck again. As you keep changing lanes, you realize you’re actually going slower and getting more frustrated.
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