Winning the Future of Advice — Insights from Tiburon and Chip Roame

What does the future hold in store for financial services? What trends will have the biggest impact on how to invest and plan? What do financial advisors need to do to win the future of advice?
As part of Loring Ward’s recent 2015 National Education Conference, we sat down with one of financial services’ great visionaries and forward thinkers, Chip Roame, Managing Partner, Tiburon Strategic Partners, for his insights on these critical questions.
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Pet Smart—Why You Should Be More Dogged About Cataloguing Client Interests

Cat 1Like many middle-aged empty nesters, my wife and I are passionate about our much beloved and terribly spoiled pets.
Our friends know they have to at least pretend to be interested when we share cute cat stories (gentle readers, I will spare you the details).
Yet no professional in my life, including financial professionals, has ever asked me a single question about my pets – or even if I have them. Continue reading