Try Tandoori Turkey This Thanksgiving

When I moved to San Jose from Hyderabad, India in 1998, I marked my first American Thanksgiving by learning from local friends how to roast a traditional turkey. Everyone liked it, but I just thought it could be tastier.
Well, you can take the girl out of India, but you can’t take India out of the girl. I realized that the fragrant spices of my homeland would work well on roasted turkey. That next Thanksgiving, I began experimenting with ways to incorporate warm Indian spices and aromatics into a turkey recipe. That recipe evolved over the years, including a yogurt bath similar to that of tandoori chicken, a popular South Asian dish. Continue reading

How High Costs Detract from Performance

Active Funds Outperforming the Equal-Weighted
Average Passively Managed Fund in Each Category (%)

Morningstar recently released their Active/Passive Barometer1, a semiannual report which compares the performance of actively managed funds to passively managed funds. This report is unique because it compares investible options within each Morningstar category rather than comparing them to an index. Evaluating this comparison leads us back to one of the truths of investing: High costs detract from performance. Continue reading

The Overlooked “Millennials”

Tim with his family

Tim with his family

As you approach parenthood for the first time, everyone tries to prepare you by sharing their own experiences. The one I heard about most often was to prepare myself for the lack of sleep. Unfortunately, you do not hear as much about the financial adjustments you should be prepared to make as well.
As financial advisors, you have an unbelievable opportunity to help your clients at times of transition and change — whether that is buying a home, getting married, caring for a parent, changing jobs/careers, health issues, death in the family, divorce, parenthood, etc. These are all times to add value to relationships while helping clients make smart financial decisions. Continue reading