Building Stronger Relationships via Your Digital Ecosystem

Two big revolutions have occurred in marketing in recent years:

  1. Marketing has moved from being an art to becoming a science, with an ever-increasing ability to pinpoint the effectiveness (or failure) of marketing campaigns and initiatives.

  3. There has been a broad move away from product to experience as the key differentiator. As McKinsey Quarterly noted in 2011, “Customers no longer separate marketing from the product — it is the product….In the era of engagement, marketing is the company.”

At Loring Ward’s National Education Conference at the end of September, we will look at what these two revolutions mean for financial advisors and how they establish and nurture client relationships across the digital spectrum, from websites to social media to CRM systems. Some digital ecosystem best practices to keep in mind: Continue reading

5 Questions to Help Qualify a Prospect

This blog is an excerpt from our 360 Discovery Advisor Guide. For more information about 360 Discovery contact your Loring Ward Regional Team
The 360 Discovery approach is comprehensive and intended to be an investment in the relationship. Because of the time commitment, it is best suited for use with engaged clients who have essentially hired you as their advisor.
But there are certain areas of 360 Discovery that can be used in the prospect conversation to determine a mutual “fit” — for you and your prospective client.
These five questions can help you pre-qualify a prospective client: Continue reading

Moment of Truth: Are Your Client Meetings Compelling?

While most investors probably don’t have “meet with my financial advisor” on the top of their list of favorite things to do, we do know that many clients want more contact and communication with their advisor.1 Surveys from clients tell us that in addition to traditional agenda items like investment review, re-balancing and updates on goals, they are looking for a comprehensive approach to both life and financial areas.2
With the many tools now available to help address and illustrate the different planning areas of client’s lives, how can you make sure that you are delivering an exceptional experience at this critical “moment of truth” — the client meeting? Continue reading

Reaching for New Heights at Loring Ward’s National Education Conference

More than 200 Advisors and Loring Ward employees gathered at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs last week for our annual National Education Conference. It would be impossible to share all the inspiring/interesting/thoughtful insights participants shared and heard, but here are some highlights… Continue reading