What did Commodities Return in 2014?


  • Commodities as a whole were down in 2014 but depending upon which index you benchmarked to that loss may have been anywhere from -17% to -33%
  • Commodity returns can vary widely depending on the underlying exposure to each sector
  • This difference in sector makeup can cause profound differences in long-term results, but we won’t know in advance which methodology will perform the best

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March Madness and Investing…How Good are Your Predictions?

blog_march_madnessSource: ESPN MediaZone. http://espnmediazone.com/us/press-releases/2015/03/barack-etology-president-obamas-mens-bracket-unveiled-espn-exclusive-wednesday/
Each year around this time an estimated 50 million of us around the country carve out a few minutes of our day to complete a bracket trying to predict which one of the 64 NCAA Men’s College Basketball teams will win the tournament this year. Guessing which team will win can be a lot of fun, but it’s awfully hard to do! Continue reading

Another Blow to Active Management

blog spiva scrorecardStandard & Poor’s released their latest SPIVA® Scorecard and it continues to make active management look bad, which adds fuel to the fire in the debate of active vs. passive. This time around, the study added the 10-year numbers making an even more compelling case against active management, not only in performance but also in the frequently overlooked Style Consistency. Continue reading

Coffee or Relationships—What Business are You Really In?

Blog_coffee_loveOver the last few years I’ve looked at hundreds of financial advisor websites. Except for a select, thoughtful few, most of these sites are swimming in the sea of sameness.
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