Are Your Clients Ready for the Next 30 Years?

Inflation aggressively erodes purchasing power over time, putting a kink in many people’s retirement plans. Just take a look at the chart above to see how much more things cost today than they did 30 years ago.
For more insights into how inflation affects investors’ long-term financial plans as well as fresh perspectives and education on markets and investing, register for our 1st Quarter-in-Review webinar next Tuesday, April 29 at either 10 am PT or 5 pm PT. We encourage you to invite your clients as well.
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Does Your Marketing Measure Up? A Self Diagnostic


Do prospective clients compliment you on your website? Or do they leave after one click? Do clients beg to bring friends to your events…or beg off from attending your 17th Annual Prime Rib Fiesta? Do you have a special niche market…other than rich people with a pulse?
Marketing is a critical area that many, many advisors struggle with. And it is not just about your website or your mission statement or your logo (though these are all important). Successful marketing involves a deliberate, consistent approach to everything from your client experience and ongoing communications to how your phone is answered.
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The Best Time to Invest

Time Cover Animation revised FINAL 4728
What are your clients worried about today? Crimea? China? Emerging markets? U.S. markets? Too much precipitation in the east? Not enough rain in the west? The price of eggs?
As a confident, knowledgeable Advisor, you know that there is always something for investors to worry and fret about. Fortunately, you are able to step back, take a longer-term perspective and ignore the noise. Right? Right? Continue reading

Busted Brackets

Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar made March famous and NCAA basketball made it fun. In March, all of us college basketball gurus show the world how smart we are — or are not in most cases — by filling out our brackets for the Big Dance. Millions of us do it (even the President) and the results are a testament to just how lousy we as human beings are at forecasting anything.
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60 Minutes Asks: “Is the U.S. Stock Market Rigged?”

Considerable waves were made when 60 Minutes’ Steve Kroft interviewed Michael Lewis about his new book on high frequency traders (HFT). Lewis’ contention is that investors are being taken advantage of by high frequency traders who are able to front run their trades. High frequency traders can see an investor’s signal to buy and can get their order to the exchange before the investor—meaning they can then turn around and sell the stock to that investor at a fractional mark-up.
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