Do You Offer What Retirees and Pre-Retirees Are Looking for?

Mark and Wanda Taylor, a couple on the verge of retirement, have decided to fire their financial advisor. “We are not really sure about how to plan for retirement,” Wanda told us at a recent workshop. “What we are most uncomfortable with is that we aren’t convinced that our advisor understands how to plan for retirement either!”
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5 Questions to Help Qualify a Prospect

This blog is an excerpt from our 360 Discovery Advisor Guide. For more information about 360 Discovery contact your Loring Ward Regional Team
The 360 Discovery approach is comprehensive and intended to be an investment in the relationship. Because of the time commitment, it is best suited for use with engaged clients who have essentially hired you as their advisor.
But there are certain areas of 360 Discovery that can be used in the prospect conversation to determine a mutual “fit” — for you and your prospective client.
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