Loring Ward’s Framework for Performance Measurement and Monitoring

The Loring Ward Investment Committee’s performance monitoring process allows the Investment Committee and Advisors to understand the drivers of performance for our model portfolios. To evaluate the risk and return of our model portfolios, Loring Ward employs a four-step process, which is discussed by Michael McMillan, CFA, in his blog “Performance Measurement: The What, Why, and How of the Investment Management Process”:

  1. Benchmark Selection
  2. Excess Return Calculation
  3. Performance Attribution
  4. Risk Analysis1

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Another Blow to Active Management

blog spiva scrorecardStandard & Poor’s released their latest SPIVA® Scorecard and it continues to make active management look bad, which adds fuel to the fire in the debate of active vs. passive. This time around, the study added the 10-year numbers making an even more compelling case against active management, not only in performance but also in the frequently overlooked Style Consistency. Continue reading