Do You Offer What Retirees and Pre-Retirees Are Looking for?

Mark and Wanda Taylor, a couple on the verge of retirement, have decided to fire their financial advisor. “We are not really sure about how to plan for retirement,” Wanda told us at a recent workshop. “What we are most uncomfortable with is that we aren’t convinced that our advisor understands how to plan for retirement either!”
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3 Reasons Investors Should Update Their Investment Policy Statement

Just as regular health checkups with a qualified physician are an important proactive step to maintaining your physical health, regular financial checkups with an experienced financial advisor are an important proactive step to maintaining good financial health.
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The Folly of Chasing Dividend Yield

OasisThis blog is from the February issue of Portfolio Perspectives.
Since the “great recession,” interest rates have been considered low by historical standards, and it’s not just a recent phenomenon. Real interest rates and inflation have been in decline since the 1980s. While this trend has been a potential boon to borrowers, it’s been a source of irritation to savers and retirees trying to live on the income from their investment portfolios.
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